So over the last year I have been working on the pre-school TV show, 'Boj'. Currently airing on CBBC in the UK. As you can imagine when you have spent such a long time with one group of characters you get to know them quite well and animating them becomes less of a challenge, more of a study. 
However it also led me towards re-imagining the show in my mind as well. What do I enjoy about the character. What would I like to change if I could. Thoughts which all eventually led me to this drawing. (Originally a doodle for our office world cup sweepstake sign up sheet). 

I have enjoyed interpreting Boj in a more hand drawn way. Playing with his dimensions and proportions as well as creating a three-dimensionality that I have often craved when animating him.
Hopefully you enjoy the direction too. Feel free to comment and let me know your own thoughts or if you have any other ideas for this character.