At the moment I have set myself a few targets of things to get done. I have had so many ideas on the back-burner for a while now; all of which seemed to big to start. These Process blog posts are my way of getting started on a few of them and working them into something awesome. Eventually once these blog post projects are completed I will add a section to this website labelled process. Designed to give friends, family and most importantly, employers a glimpse into my working method. 

So without further a'do. Here is Flux. 

This project is a favoured sequence taken from a short film that I conceived and began over two years ago whilst at Annecy animation festival. Without giving too much away the story is about the changing of seasons in a small Cambodian village. 

Thoughts so far:
This is only a first draft of the storyboard and I will be working back into this a lot more before I am ready to start taking this into pre production proper. First things first however, I need to re-clarify why the boy is turning around. (He hears a large sound, presumably thunder, but that isn't very clear in the board). I need to start getting a sense of tonality, contrast, mood, composition and camera depth in there as well. Lastly, although the drawings in some of them are okay. I would like to polish them up as If I was going to be showing this storyboard to a client rather than making it just for myself. 

With that to be going on with. I shall crack on. Hope you enjoy it so far. :)

Part 2

It has been a long while since I have been able to update this blog. Life has been somewhat hectic this last few weeks/months. However I have finally gotten around to continuing the refinement of the above storyboard. 
Here it is so far. 

Thoughts so far:

Though the drawings haven't been refined quite to the degree I would like, I feel as though I have communicated everything I want within this sequence now - save perhaps the subtleties and diversity of the animation and visual style. The mood of the sequence is a lot clearer as is the way I want the camera and lighting to be working within the scene. The next big steps of course will be starting to design the look of the sequence as a whole, using colour scripts, art and visual reference, looking at clarifying the character design. And finally doing a potential mock up production still. Finally alongside this I will begin to start creating some of the layout compositions roughly so that I can begin to visualise through an animatic, some of the more subtle camera moves and depths of field within the board.

Lastly It will be very important for me to be working up a production plan that will detail the intricacies of each scene as well as more technically, how to achieve them. 

Hope you enjoy it so far. I will keep on updating as I go so feel free to pop back any old time. :)

Part 3 - Character design

So at last I have time to share some work again. I have not forgotten about this idea, far from it. I have only now been able to find the time again to start working back into it. As i mentioned in my earlier segment I was to start looking at the design, colours, layout and potentially a production still. This is the first page with more to come. This is obviously the water lion that will be chasing after the main character in this sequence. So far I have mainly gone for a more detailed look. Something that I think comes from the simple fact that the boy character 'pihrun' is also fairly detailed looking. I will continue in this fashion for the moment, though it may become a lot more important later on down the line to begin abstracting these designs a bit, and finding a simpler cleaner version of the character to animate with. 

PArt 4 - Production Still Ideas

So, having spent most of my time on this recently animating. I am beginning to get to the stage when I need to think a lot more fully about the overall design of this film. As such here is a production still idea done today using a frame from my animation. I would be very interested to see whether you think the colour scheme is working or not. This is for one of the earlier moments before the rain has come and the Stone lion has arrived. I look forward to exploring these colours further, developing lighting and colour guides as well as potentially building a colour script for the entire sequence. Of course, using this as a platform.

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