For anyone who knows me It has become more and more apparent as time has gone on that I have a bit of a soft spot for gardening and growing vegetables and fruits. Despite this, my posting about it has not been as consistent. Until now!
This is the first blog entry, of which I hope there will be many more. In which I will comment and guide you on growing your own indoor edibles (and maybe a few outdoor ones too). 
Today I will begin by showing you my current set-up and what I'm doing with it. 


So what have we got here. 
Firstly the large container at the back is a hydroponic reservoir within which I am growing my lettuces. Above that is a grow light and inside is a pool of nutrient rich water which is being aerated by an air pump. 
(I will post a much more detailed guide on how to build such a thing in the near future.)

The plants growing in there at the moment are three different kinds of lettuce. 
A Romain. (the spiky looking fella on the left).
3 Butterhead lettuces which are the rounder leafed variety on the other corners. 
And in the middle we have a Rosso, which is doing well, albeit growing slower than his cousins. 

They have been in there now for just over 2-3 weeks from seedling and they are (as you can see) flourishing).


In the cups are my newly planted ghost pepper seeds. They where only planted this evening, so there is no progress to show on them yet. But I can tell you a bit about what they are growing in. 
So these are your average beer pong cups that you can buy in Tesco for £2.50 a pack. They are double stacked with the inside cup having a small drainage hole in the middle. This will come in handy later as I will be watering them with hydroponic water from the bottom, by filling the outer cup about an inch deep with water each morning. The growing medium is standard compost. An experiment if you will,  to see if there is a potential crossover using hydroponic water alongside a more normal growing medium.
At the moment I have placed sandwich bags over them for a few reasons. Peppers naturally prefer warmer temperatures, and these bags will help create that environment. It will also retain the humidity levels even under the warmth of my grow light. 


All in all I am very excited to show you how these progress and show you in more detail how its accomplished. I have a few more seeds to plant soon as well, that I will show you as I go along. 
Some Brocolli (probably in soil and in outside containers when spring comes).
Pak choi in a second hydroponic resevoir
And finally some Herbs
As well as growing bean sprouts from shop bought mung beans. And some mushrooms on an old phone book. Yum! 

I will update these as I go, but in the mean time. 
All the best