My first (Actually second) veg 'box' delivery.

Today I received some more produce from a local company in Belfast. Their name is Helens bay organic. 
(see link below for pricing and descriptions).

In an effort to bring my lifestyle more in line with my beliefs, I have been trying to reduce the amount of waste I use and to consider more thoroughly the consequences of my actions and the effect they may have on this planet. Our home. 
I have been doing a lot of shopping recently using my own bags and jars at the local market. However a busy lifestyle can sometimes get in the way of doing this consistently. Resorting in a quick trip to the shops where every product is wrapped and triple wrapped in layers of nonsense packaging. 

Now the question here is whether the vegetable box delivery is a good alternative. 


- It is something that fits very well into my lifestyle. I can get it delivered to my work place and cycle it home at the end of the day. It arrives fresh and I can specify amounts. 
- It encourages creativity in cooking. Receiving ingredients that I would not normally buy has broadened my culinary horizons. 
- It is mostly local and seasonal. Apart from the fruit and sometimes 1 supplementary item. All the produce received is from Belfast. Which supports the local community, and encourages sustainable farming practices. 
- It is organic. No pesticides, no chemical or animal fertilizers. No waxing or preservatives. 
- The bag it arrives in is re-used by the company. Reducing waste. 
- It is whole food. I am not buying processed foods from a supermarket. The nutritional value of the product is wholly intact. 


- Some of the produce still arrives in packaging. Softer articles such as tomatoes. This is recyclable. But even better would be for it to not exist. (I will ask the company if this is something I can specify in my delivery next time they arrive). 
- It is driven around. There is no doubt the carbon footprint of one delivery van going door to door is more efficient than all of us driving to a supermarket. But its not as good as a bike or my legs. 
- Some of the produce is not seasonal. There are shipping costs, which to be honest aren't tooooo bad. Shipping is much better than air freight, or packaging for that matter. But its still not ideal. 
- You have to use it all, otherwise you are wasting produce and just chucking it in the bin. All the water, sun and labour that made that vegetable is just thrown away. 


At the moment it suits my lifestyle very well and has a lot of positive points going for it. Especially as I am keen to use everything that is delivered. There is at least no food waste. 
However in the future, when my lifestyle becomes a little less busy again. I would always go back to shopping at local markets. In every way that is the best option. It has all the pro's with none (or very few) of the cons. 

Definitely worth a try if there is a company near you that does the same service, and you feel like your lifestyle would suit it.