This is a new series of posts that I want to add to the mix called, 'rearranging the furniture'. A reference to an idea for how to switch thought patterns in your mind to better help you understand and aid your life. "to rearrange the furniture of your mind". A lovely metaphor I think. 

(It was a reference that was first brought to my attention when listening to a live gig from enter shikari).  

For the first of these posts I want to talk about consumer power. Why is it important and how can we approach it with a positive mindset.  

It is so easy at the moment to feel a bit small when it comes to making an impact with how you shop. There are an awful lot of people buying an awful lot of stuff. And to add to that, we are often incetivised to buy from the most convenient places. Supermarkets for example. Easy to get too, open all the time, and has everything you need,  (and a lot of what you dont), in one large warehouse. 

With so many peoples buying habits fitting snugly into this description. How do we have a hope of changing anything by purchasing more consciously.  Why bother if it won't change the general trend? 

For this I can only offer the way I have come to think about it and how it has helped me feel more impactful.  

What is money other than a way of voting for a product to exist. A company only exists on the success of its bottom line. By not giving a company your vote, you are creating an incentive (albeit a small one) for their product to either change or to not exist at all. And what happens if enough people start voting in the same way? Change happens. 

When you buy a product that doesn't align with your morals and beliefs you are casting a vote for that product you do not believe in to continue causing harm.

Essentially every single person is in possession of all the power to make change. You vote with your money. 

So next time you feel any lingering sense of your inability to make a difference, try and remember that you are creating ripples every day. Feel free to remind others that they are doing the same. And who knows, if enough people feel the same as you, then there is a good chance that you can make all the difference. 

I'll sign this post off by saying that, in this way, you are becoming a positive force for your own ideals and beliefs. Don't just sit and moan about it. Go out there and positively live and breath by your own example. Be the person you project on Facebook. 

All the best