It has been a little while since I have worked on this blog. About a year and a half ago I decided to make it a personal ambition to reduce my waste output to as close to zero as possible. This has been an ongoing challenge, which alongside moving house at least 4 times since then. And living in various cities, progress has admittedly been slow due to time constraints and lack of more permanent space to invest my time in. 
I am now finally settled in a new place back in Dublin, with Debbie. And it is my utmost hope that I will be here for a good little while. Which means I can really start to push down on the gas pedal and get my waste output back down. 

So without further ado, let the blogging begin anew. 

Personal Hygiene.

Personal hygiene is something we naturally deal with every day. We brush our teeth, we wash our hair, we use the toilet and we regularly wash our hands and bodies. It's something we all take very seriously (usually), and it's something that we tend to put a great deal of trust into the products we use to achieve those ends. 
When for example we are washing our hands to prepare food. We want to know that our hands are going to be very clean. When we wash our hair, we want to know our hair is being looked after and won't be greasy in five minutes. We tend then to gravitate towards big name companies who we understand has a track record of success with these concerns. Unfortunately, these big companies often use extensive amounts of packaging, and add chemicals into their products that arent always entirely neccesary and even sometimes damaging to the enviroment when washed away and added to the water supply. Microbeads is a great example of that. 

So how can we get around that? Ill start with one product in particular. Lush Shampoo Bars. 

Shampoo Bars from Lush

The brand Lush from Bournemouth/Poole in the UK do a range of shampoo bars and soaps that I feel are 100% worth mentioning. 
-The shampoo bars I can say from first-hand experience are a miracle. They lather up amazingly, the clean wonderfully and they smell great! 
- The shampoo bars last an extremely long time if used correctly. (You should be letting them dry as much as possible between washes rather than soaking in a soap dish). 
- They are fairly cheap. The cost is about £8-10 but the cost to usage ratio is very good. I had one shampoo bar for nearly 5 months using it almost every day. 
- They do not come with any extraneous packaging. They can be bought either wrapped in paper or if it's your first time buying one. With a small tin to allow it to dry in between hair washes.
- The brand lush are dedicated to reducing their footprint with everything they make. Including using all natural ingredients. Using fair trade ingredients and absolutely no animal products or testing. More can be found out here
- And lastly the brand is tested and very reputable. The company are well established and trusted. No fear of dodgy products, bad customer service, or protection if something goes wrong. 


If reducing your overall impact is something you care about. Then small changes like swapping out your regular bottled shampoo to something like this is going to make a big difference. Especially if everyone does it. Not only that but by protecting your home; this planet. You are helping yourself. These natural products are helping to protect your hair and make it look as good as ever. Without the chemicals hidden in it that most of the time, we can barely pronounce. Let alone trust on our bodies. And you are helping your purse strings as well. It may seem like an expensive outlay, but when used correctly, you will have it washing your hair for a very long time to come. 

All the best